University City Wants to Ruin Everything By Charging People to Park

You know what the best thing to do when you’re in charge of one of the few good, consistently busy areas of St. Louis? Make it so it’s more annoying to go there. City Manager Lehman Walker has proposed charging $1 for parking in the evenings — possibly starting as early as 4 p.m. — on two city-owned parking lots north of Delmar Boulevard; those lots are now free. The revenue is reflected in his proposal for the budget beginning July 1 but has not yet been considered by the council. [Read More]

PlaybackSTL Music Festival: Ssshhh. Apparently its a Secret!

Saturday we went to go checkout PlaybackSTL‘s music festival that took place in the Loop this weekend. This was the most interesting thing I saw: One might think its weird that you would go down to one of the more fun areas of St. Louis to see a music festival and you hear no music, see any signs of a festival, but instead just see a scary, chain smoking clown, but that’s apparently the way PlaybackSTL wanted it…a secret music festival. [Read More]