The Loop Hosted a Massive Fight and a Shooting Saturday Night

We were telling someone, just a couple of days ago, that “The Loop” was a great area of St. Louis and doesn’t have the issues the rest of the city seems to be unable to fix. “Stick to Delmar between The Pageant and Cicero’s and you’ll be fine.” St. Louis you’ve made a liar out of us. KMOX’s Michael Calhoun went on Twitter Saturday night and on the KMOX website (which inexplicably named: stlouis. [Read More]

The Loop’s El Maguey: Now Serving Cock?

You spend your lunch hour on this lovely Friday afternoon at a local Mexican establishment and everything was pretty nice…except for the bill. Good thing we won’t be expensing this meal, or we’d probably have some explaining to do. We really don’t remember ordering that, and even if we accidentally ordered it by saying the Spanish word for it we definitely would have sent it back. We hate to be the guy to send things back to the kitchen because you look like such a douche, but “cock”, even for only $2, is where we draw the line. [Read More]

The Mysterious Running Wilderness Man of the Loop’s Ice Festival

While seemingly every other blog was off covering the weekend’s “Cardinals Winter Warm-Up” we decided we’d grab our camera and cover the weekend’s forgotten event, the Loop’s Ice Festival. We took a bunch of pictures which we could post here and have a few people find mildly entertaining, but we just can’t do that. It just wouldn’t hold a candle to the photos (and video!) we have of the man we’re calling the “Mysterious Running Wilderness Man” who came in a very close second in the morning’s 5k race only to promptly dance to the music and try to high-five people that had little to no interest in high-fiving him. [Read More]

Chuck Berry to Get Statue Despite Whiners

Monday night, the University City Council “approved”, as in refused to block, the installation of a Chuck Berry statue on city property. Joe Edwards, Loop Godfather, is pleased but not everyone agrees. Some people think University City shouldn’t have a statue of Chuck Berry on community property, even though Berry has performed there 160 times including his famous monthly performance at Blueberry Hill. Despite the fact that the statue has already been made and was just sitting there, Berry’s detractors wonder why University City would want to put up a statue of a man that served time in jail. [Read More]

Society Still Going Despite Yesterday’s Civil Unions

Both Illinois’ St. Clair County and Missouri’s University City opened their doors yesterday morning to a line of people waiting to be the first few to get a civil union in their respective areas. Meanwhile, hate filled people somehow failed to noticed that the world did actually continue to spin and society as we know it, did go on. In St. Clair: St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney reported that seven couples in the county had been united as of 9 AM and that he was expecting more to turn out. [Read More]

State Auditor: University City is Run By Morons

According to the Missouri State Auditor, University City is run by a bunch of raving idiots that probably can’t even wipe their asses correctly, but he can’t verify that since it’s technically outside of the State Auditor’s prescribed duties. Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich released an audit Thursday highly critical of how University City operates and spends tax payer dollars. …the city has 3,373 delinquent trash accounts costing the city $1. [Read More]

University City Wants to Ruin Everything By Charging People to Park

You know what the best thing to do when you’re in charge of one of the few good, consistently busy areas of St. Louis? Make it so it’s more annoying to go there. City Manager Lehman Walker has proposed charging $1 for parking in the evenings — possibly starting as early as 4 p.m. — on two city-owned parking lots north of Delmar Boulevard; those lots are now free. The revenue is reflected in his proposal for the budget beginning July 1 but has not yet been considered by the council. [Read More]

Under 17 and in The Loop? Your Night Ends at 10p!

The University City city council recently approved the move to make the curfew for those under 18 years old 10 pm every night. This is a change of one hour on the weekdays and a full 2 hours on the weekends where the curfew used to be midnight. According to The Post Dispatch, Joe Edwards, Loop Godfather, approves of the move: Joe Edwards, representing the Loop Special Business District, told the council that young visitors would still be able to catch a movie at the Tivoli and get an ice cream afterward. [Read More]