The Rush Limbaugh Bust in Jeff City Has It’s Own 24-Hour Surveillance Camera

Maybe you didn’t hear, but they actually did end up putting that Rush Limbaugh bust in the state capitol’s “Hall of Statues of Famous Missourians No One Comes to Visit Ever”. It was unveiled in a private, pretty much all Republican unveiling and it turns out it wasn’t just installed because his head was the perfect size to hide the button to open the secret entrance of the Batcave. This was all huge news of course with all kind of people pissed off, but we just couldn’t get ourselves to give much of a crap with all the other real problems happening like crime, war, actual politics and that the my mailman is clearly throwing away all of the letters that Robin from “How I Met Your Mother” is sending me in reply to the lovely poems I send her attached with the week’s toenail clippings. [Read More]

Lindenwood University Can’t Have Nice Things

Lindenwood University’s Belleville campus used to have a statue in anchored near the Welcome Center, but that statue was stolen because it’s St. Louis, and even weird statues anchored in concrete are no longer safe. Investigators are trying to get to the bottom of an art heist in Belleville. Not quite sure this counts as an “art heist”. We we think of art heists, we’re assuming an elaborate scheme to steal a Mona Lisa-type piece, and involve at least one hacker, one super hot chick, a smooth leader and one black dude to be the one that has to start a distraction when the shit goes down…not two assholes walking straight to it at 2:30am, pushing it over, throwing it in a ditch and then coming back for it with their truck. [Read More]

Chuck Berry to Get Statue Despite Whiners

Monday night, the University City Council “approved”, as in refused to block, the installation of a Chuck Berry statue on city property. Joe Edwards, Loop Godfather, is pleased but not everyone agrees. Some people think University City shouldn’t have a statue of Chuck Berry on community property, even though Berry has performed there 160 times including his famous monthly performance at Blueberry Hill. Despite the fact that the statue has already been made and was just sitting there, Berry’s detractors wonder why University City would want to put up a statue of a man that served time in jail. [Read More]

Nameless Statues Appear in Front of Scottrade Center

It took a few months, but someone finally noticed the two statues of…some…uh…dudes in front of Scottrade Center. Hmm. We feel like we should know who these statues are of, but without proper name plates how the hell are we supposed to know? Hockey player statues need name plates ok?! NFL? Baseball? Totally different stories. St. Louisans can spot even a crappy likeness of Stan Musial a mile away, but hockey players? [Read More]