The Rush Limbaugh Bust in Jeff City Has It’s Own 24-Hour Surveillance Camera

The Rush Limbaugh Bust in Jeff City Has It’s Own 24-Hour Surveillance Camera

Maybe you didn’t hear, but they actually did end up putting that Rush Limbaugh bust in the state capitol’s “Hall of Statues of Famous Missourians No One Comes to Visit Ever”. It was unveiled in a private, pretty much all Republican unveiling and it turns out it wasn’t just installed because his head was the perfect size to hide the button to open the secret entrance of the Batcave.

This was all huge news of course with all kind of people pissed off, but we just couldn’t get ourselves to give much of a crap with all the other real problems happening like crime, war, actual politics and that the my mailman is clearly throwing away all of the letters that Robin from “How I Met Your Mother” is sending me in reply to the lovely poems I send her attached with the week’s toenail clippings. This little note was interesting though:

A security camera, which was installed specifically for Limbaugh’s bust, will provide 24-hour surveillance of the statue, said Trevor Fox, the House’s director of communications. Limbaugh’s statue, which stands between those of 19th century painter George Bingham and former Missouri Gov. Warren Hearnes, is the only statue in the Missouri House’s Hall of Fame that has its own security camera.

A security camera? This brings up so many questions, like…


What is someone going to do to the huge, nailed to the floor, bust?

Is security in and around the capitol so crappy that you think anyones going to get all the way to the statue without you seeing them?

Is the camera just there to see if Rush shows up to have sex with it?

Are you checking to see if the statue keeps getting fatter along with the real Rush?

Are you worried that this museums works like those horrible Ben Stiller movies and the Rush statue might come alive at night and berate the Dred Scott statue?

Who’s going to keep an eye on that camera feed? It might be easier to just put that camera on the internet. The state won’t have to pay a guard to watch it and it will give Dana Loesch, St. Louis’ own preeminent conservative talk host, another thing she can say she’s in charge of. Everyone wins!  …execpt for Rush who will have to get use to his bust looking a little like a fatter version of Darth Vader without his helmet on.

via ABC News