Impatient Bank Robber is Impatient

Impatient Bank Robber is Impatient

A woman robbed a Commerce Bank in Richmond Heights Tuesday morning…well kinda…not really actually. She ended up taking her note and giving up before she took any money. Turns out that’s just enough to get the cops all mad at you though.

The suspect handed a note to the teller indicating she had a gun and demanding money.

Apparently she then became impatient because shortly after giving the teller the note, she retrieved her note and left the bank without any money.

Bank thieves today and their short attention spans! We blame the MTV.

She is described as a black female, 5’2″ to 5’6″ weighing about 150 pounds.  She was wearing a dark grey jacket, blue jeans, white tennis shoes and carrying a purple purse.

They’re going to find her with no problem so hopefully she at least took a pen and wrote a bunch of stuff with it so the ink dries out and then when the police return the pen the bank will be all like “Damn her! She used up all the ink! Clearly we have to start chaining these pens to the desk with little cheap metal chains that are just a little shorter than they should be for normal pen-related activities.”

via KMOX