Impatient Bank Robber is Impatient

A woman robbed a Commerce Bank in Richmond Heights Tuesday morning…well kinda…not really actually. She ended up taking her note and giving up before she took any money. Turns out that’s just enough to get the cops all mad at you though. The suspect handed a note to the teller indicating she had a gun and demanding money. Apparently she then became impatient because shortly after giving the teller the note, she retrieved her note and left the bank without any money. [Read More]

Some Hot Mess Robs Southern Commercial Bank

Holy crap! Not only do we have photo proof that Tyra Banks was recently in the St. Louis area, but she may have robbed a bank! Tyra?! Girl you crazy! The robbery happened at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday at 3207 Meramec Street. The man walked into the bank and demanded money before fleeing, according to FBI Special Agent Billy Cox. The man was described as a black male wearing a purple curly wig, a woman’s blouse with blue vertical stripes, gray pants and white shoes. [Read More]

Big and Small: We Have All Types of Crime in St. Louis

Yesterday St. Louis had two movie-style crimes take place. One from a comedy and one basically from Heat but without Val Kilmer.

At 10a yesterday the Medicine Shoppe on Grand by City Diner had a man barge in with a gun demanding a bottle of oxycontin. Despite is weapon induced upper-hand, when chased by employees, the man ran down the street right past the police who turned around and caught the junkie.

On the other side of the scale, dudes with automatic weapons and cool black robbin’ costumes jumped an armored car taking the cash and leaving the guards duct taped up in the back.

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Dumpy Bald Guy Robs Bank

You may think that bald tub pictured above is just another of the thousands of “fat guys in polo shirts” St. Louis has been collecting over the years, but you would be wrong. That guy is made of pure balls. You would have to be to waltz in to a bank and rob the place looking like Paul from Cheers (huh?), with nothing but a pursey-wallet-thing-but-definitely-nothing-a-man-shoudl -be-carrying-around thing in his hands. [Read More]

Guy Robs Clayton Bank, Gets Caught Across the Street at Hospital

A guy robs a Clayton bank by slipping the teller a note and grabbing a sack of money (I’m assuming it was one of those with a dollar sign on it). He then proceeds to walk across the street, in broad daylight, with tons of witnesses. He was followed by the cops and was arrested on the first floor of the hospital with little trouble. What? From STLToday: The 39-year-old St. [Read More]