Some Hot Mess Robs Southern Commercial Bank

Holy crap! Not only do we have photo proof that Tyra Banks was recently in the St. Louis area, but she may have robbed a bank! Tyra?! Girl you crazy! The robbery happened at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday at 3207 Meramec Street. The man walked into the bank and demanded money before fleeing, according to FBI Special Agent Billy Cox. The man was described as a black male wearing a purple curly wig, a woman’s blouse with blue vertical stripes, gray pants and white shoes. [Read More]

St. Louis Contestant First One Kicked Off America’s Next Top Model

I know!! We’re shocked too! We had no idea this show was still on! Much like Tyra Banks’ dress sized the seasons keep get on bigger and bigger…this season that just began is 14. Jesus. 14! For a reality show at that. Well 14 is apparently the season that someone from St. Louis finally made the cut. Yea! …but she was the first one kicked off. Boo. Why Tyra?! Why would you kick off the St. [Read More]

America’s Next Top Model Not Canceled Yet and Coming to St. Louis

If you are a skinny girl, with plenty of attitude, very little brains and don’t mind being used and told you are going to have an awesome modeling career only to end up in a freaking Chili’s commercial 2 months later, then you are in luck! America’s Next Top Model tryouts are coming to town! Tomorrow, July 11th, Tyra’s posse will be looking for girls ages 18-27 that are over 5’7″. [Read More]