The Many Model Faces of Karlie Kloss

St. Louis-area native, possible Sam Bradford girlfriend, and budding super model Karlie Kloss walked the runway in the Victorias Secret fashion show last night…as a sexy native america indian. Ok, yeah…sure…why not?! They don’t all have to look all mopey and square-jawed like this, while not as helpful against the cold conditions while living in an animal hide supported by sticks, there’s no reason some indians can’t look all small-boobed and sexy and with overly large headdresses like this. [Read More]

St. Louis Contestant First One Kicked Off America’s Next Top Model

I know!! We’re shocked too! We had no idea this show was still on! Much like Tyra Banks’ dress sized the seasons keep get on bigger and bigger…this season that just began is 14. Jesus. 14! For a reality show at that. Well 14 is apparently the season that someone from St. Louis finally made the cut. Yea! …but she was the first one kicked off. Boo. Why Tyra?! Why would you kick off the St. [Read More]