The Many Model Faces of Karlie Kloss

The Many Model Faces of Karlie Kloss

St. Louis-area native, possible Sam Bradford girlfriend, and budding super model Karlie Kloss walked the runway in the Victorias Secret fashion show last night…as a sexy native america indian. Ok, yeah…sure…why not?! They don’t all have to look all mopey and square-jawed like this, while not as helpful against the cold conditions while living in an animal hide supported by sticks, there’s no reason some indians can’t look all small-boobed and sexy and with overly large headdresses like this.

Yes, Kloss is hot (despite needing a little help up top if you know what we mean), the thing to watch when looking at Kloss is the faces she makes, because they can be a little…um interesting.

Some are sexy, while others look like she’s going to eat you or reprise the roll of Joker in the next Batman movie.

…still that fact she’s in the show is a big news as anyone out there being hot, from St. Louis and not recently stabbed or shot is good publicity! And once again we managed to beat out Detroit…shit. Never mind. Kate Upton is from Michigan. You’ve won this round you bastards!

via What Would Tyler Durden Do