Sorry, Here’s the Booty Pillow

Sorry, Here’s the Booty Pillow

We know, we know. It’s been a rough couple of weeks of posting on here. There’s been two reasons for that:

  1. We’ve been busy.

  2. The only things going on were horrible election stories.

Both of those situations should be past us, so this week should be better.

In other news, “The Booty Pillow” is a real thing:

No we will not “use it at the office to ease back pain”! You’re the one that took the time to manufacture it with a built-in thong design, so think again before you make that suggestion. Why don’t you just make a pillow that has “I might rape you if we’re both working late because I clearly have issues with women.” embroidered on it, that might be more subtle for the office.

While were on the subject, what’s the deal with your other usage suggestions?

Based on that screenshot from the commercial, the other uses you suggest are lesbian spooning, and a place for a man and a woman to awkwardly place their hand while laying on the ground? What a product!