Sorry, Here’s the Booty Pillow

We know, we know. It’s been a rough couple of weeks of posting on here. There’s been two reasons for that: We’ve been busy. The only things going on were horrible election stories. Both of those situations should be past us, so this week should be better. In other news, “The Booty Pillow” is a real thing: No we will not “use it at the office to ease back pain”! You’re the one that took the time to manufacture it with a built-in thong design, so think again before you make that suggestion. [Read More]

Domestic Disasters Montage For Your Friday Enjoyment

It can’t all be about St. Louis right? Sometimes you just need to get outside that ole’ box and watch a good old fashion internet montage.

This editing together of several “Domestic Disasters” from infomercials is one of our new favorites.

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