The Best Mardi Gras YouTube Finds for 2013

Each year we like to scour YouTube and find the best uploads of drunkenness because we know you kids love the social media these days (“social media” is a fancy term for sexting and comparing who go the most wasted without having to be in the same room. We live in the future!). #5 – Guy Falls During Parade (by mdfoley75) We’re guessing that this guy wasn’t even drunk, which is why it’s at #5…but we’re totally sure it’s funny, so it made the list. [Read More]

East St. Louis Video Taping Food Stamp Fights To Share With the World

Just remember: For every guy in an ironic t-shirt with think black glasses and a waxed mustache telling you how the world is changing for the better with every tweet about your “personal brand”, we’re also getting worse for every stupid ghetto fight over food stamps that gets posted to YouTube. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good YouTube fight, but still…no one’s making the world a better place through social media with this shit. [Read More]

Guy Records Himself Flushing Each Toilet in SLU’s Ritter Hall

Close ups of the label, slow pans from the top to the bottom, long shots of him reaching over to flush and then waiting until it completes before walking over to the next stall to start the process all over again. No words. No edits. Just 2 minutes and 55 seconds of a guy, his camera, and his love for crappers. We present to you **“Bathroom Tour: Ritter Hall St. Louis University American Standard Toilets and Urinal” **in all of it’s weird internet glory: [Read More]

Every Local Reference in the Simpsons

We might be a forgotten metro area to some, but not the Simpsons! The townsfolk of Springfield love to make St. Louis references and some guy on the internet has pulled all those references together in to one YouTube video…why? Because the internet is awesome! One notable Simpsons St. Louis moment is when Cardinal slugger (and now hitting coach) Mark McGwire visited Sprinfield to cover up an MLB conspiracy by hitting homeruns and hiding documents under his large hat (pictured above). [Read More]

This Year’s Best Drunk Mardi Gras You Tube Uploads

It’s the day after a Mardi Gras weekend, and in accordance with our time-honored tradition (see last year’s: “The Best Of Mardi Gras Videos“) we bring you the best of what the drunks uploaded to You Tube: _[Editor’s Note: Unless there’s something we missed, none of the below videos have any nudity, but some do have cussing and weird stuff. It’s not really NSFW, but use headphones and make sure “creepy Steve” from Finance isn’t looking over your shoulder (again). [Read More]

St. Louis Doesn’t Say Any of This Sh*t

Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular video and Twitter account “Shit Girls Say“, and if so you’re certainly aware that it spawned a whole series of “Shit [Some Subset of the Human Race] Say” videos which all suck so hard watching them is like someone took a spike, put it in their butt just a little bit, then stabbed us in our brain through our eye and swirled it around. That being said, people are still making them and the joke just won’t die. [Read More]

The Best of Mardi Gras Videos

Mardi Gras weekend is in the books for another year, and whether you abstained from this year festivities or partook, but don’t remember, it’s ok, because cell phones and YouTube are here to help! Here a few of our favorite YouTube uploads from Mardi Gras weekend: #3: The classic drunk girl that “needs” to get to a far away bar with her passed out friend Don’t give them a ride! One, you know that passed out friend will puke the minute her ass hits your back seat and two, she “needs” to go to that bar to meet a guy…it’s always a guy…so that theory you’re working with right now where she gets there and is so grateful she touches your wiener, will not happen. [Read More]

YouTube’s Currently Popular Laughing Baby is From St. Louis

Another day, another “viral” laughing baby video on YouTube. The current baby is laughing because his dad ripped some paper in front of him (again) and he’s from St. Louis. [Father, Marcus McArthur] says he’s finishing up his doctorate at SLU and applying for professor jobs. When he received yet another rejection letter he ripped it in half and baby Micah started laughing uncontrollably, so he started ripping credit card statements and the sweet sounds of laughter continued. [Read More]

John G is a Really Good Dancer

“John G” is a professional karaoke singer somehow. This is his story we found on YouTube.

He lives in St. Louis so it makes sense.

If you get that dumb-founded hypnotized feeling after watching the video it’s because of his crazy awesome dance moves…or because you just realized someone can be considered a “professional karaoke singer”.

via the Twilight Zone or something equally f*cked up but actually real.