Tailgate32 Visits St. Louis

In their journey to visit each of the 32 NFL teams this season, the guys at Tailgate32 stopped by St. Louis to get a tour of our town, meet Fox2’s John Pertzborn*, visit The Hill, and eat a Crown Candy BLT.

Point your lookin’ balls at it here:

  • File photo of Pertzborn:

via Tailgate32 and ESPN

Guy Records Himself Flushing Each Toilet in SLU’s Ritter Hall

Close ups of the label, slow pans from the top to the bottom, long shots of him reaching over to flush and then waiting until it completes before walking over to the next stall to start the process all over again. No words. No edits. Just 2 minutes and 55 seconds of a guy, his camera, and his love for crappers. We present to you **“Bathroom Tour: Ritter Hall St. Louis University American Standard Toilets and Urinal” **in all of it’s weird internet glory: [Read More]

Please Stop Rapping About St. Louis

Our apologies to Corle 2 Da. His “So St. Louis” video is no longer the “Worst Music Video Ever”, this big sensory turd known as “South City” by the Deuce is now the worst thing we’ve ever seen. Interesting side note: Deuce also holds the title of lamest, most generic artist name…unless they mean “Deuce” like “We’re going to take a deuce in your ear with our horrible rapping.” If that’s the case, it quickly becomes the most clever. [Read More]

Sold on St. Louis!

Sorry folks, but news is slow these days and we were super busy with other stuff so instead of just trying to squeeze more juice out of the Craigslist orange, we’re going to show you a short video. It’s like when your 4th grade teacher was really busy with her own stuff so didn’t have time to pretend to teach you facts you never need to know anyway. Quick name all the state capitols! [Read More]

We Fill Out The Last 5 “Ram Rules”

Did you know there is such a thing as “Ram Rules”? Well there is, and if you were hoping a bunch of numb-nuts in over-the-top Rams gear can go through the first 5 with you, then you just passed Ram Rule #0: Be so stupid you need instructions on how to cheer at a sporting event. …earlier we mentioned those are just the “first” 5, and we say that no because we want to George Lucas all over this shit and make it worse, but because a there are clearly more than just 5 Ram Rules. [Read More]

The Kid That Taped The USC Students Banging on a Building is a Cardinals Fan

If you’re like us and know all there is to know about whatever the coolest video on the internet is, then you know about the video that was shot on the campus of USC that featured a couple going to town on the roof of a building. Not super tall building either. You could see stuff…like the dude’s junk, and the un-daddy loved soul of the slutbag that agreed to get bent over on the roof of a building in broad daylight. [Read More]

The RFT Throws Their Panties at Weird St. Louis Rap Video Guy

Oh look the RFT’s Music blog has an interview with some local rapper named “Corle 2 Da”…why does that name sound familiar?… ​You may have seen this excellent vid floating around the Interwebz in the past two weeks. “So St. Louis” is the work of one Corle 2 Da, a Belleville rapper looking to make his mark on this side of the river. Belleville rapper…god this all sound so familiar. Wait! [Read More]

Awesome St. Louis Destination Video

We found this video via The St. Louis Egotist yesterday, and had to do the re-post. It’s really a very well done video with great shots of City Garden, City Museum, Forest Park, and all the other good places around town.

Notice how steady they keep the camera despite all the dead bodies and homeless people they had to step over to shoot it.

Everything Is Terrible! and the Quest for the Magick Krystal Tour!

In what’s being called “the biggest news of your life,” the video mashing comedy stylings of Everything is Terrible! is headed back to St. Louis on July 2nd, with the debut of a new live show and their new movie entitled “2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift”. Never heard of them? Good thing we have this blockquote for you. Everything Is Terrible! was started in 2007 as a way for a group of friends with a serious VHS habit to swap footage. [Read More]