Everything Is Terrible! and the Quest for the Magick Krystal Tour!

In what’s being called “the biggest news of your life,” the video mashing comedy stylings of Everything is Terrible! is headed back to St. Louis on July 2nd, with the debut of a new live show and their new movie entitled “2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift”.

Never heard of them? Good thing we have this blockquote for you.

Everything Is Terrible! was started in 2007 as a way for a group of friends with a serious VHS habit to swap footage. It has since evolved into a full blown internet phenomenon, appearing on Videogum, Gawker, Buzzfeed, The Daily What, The Huffington Post, The Onion A.V. Club, Boing Boing, NPR, MTV, Web Soup, and G4’s Attack of the Show! We were even in some newspapers (whatever those are) called the Chicago Tribune and LA Weekly.

Although there is still some distance between us and the show, we thought it would be a good way to kill time generically awesome to show you some of our top 5 Everything is Terrible clips.

1. Watch out for a knife in the face!

2. The first thing you need to know is that the internet is amazing.

3. We love Duane!

4. Final warning this. (By “this” he means his crotch)

5. It’s time for cat massage! (You had to know this was coming.)