The Kid That Taped The USC Students Banging on a Building is a Cardinals Fan

If you’re like us and know all there is to know about whatever the coolest video on the internet is, then you know about the video that was shot on the campus of USC that featured a couple going to town on the roof of a building.  Not super tall building either. You could see stuff…like the dude’s junk, and the un-daddy loved soul of the slutbag that agreed to get bent over on the roof of a building in broad daylight. Apparently there are also popular videos on the internet that don’t involve people having sex, but what’s the point in watching that? Do we have all day to watch the sexy ones and the not sexy ones? Please! You have to draw the line somewhere.

From Gawker from a couple a days ago:

Supposedly these two were getting it on while there were hundreds of people in the quad below during a “philanthropy event.” (There are even more graphic images of the hook up here if you’re interested.)

The video has, of course, taken off and it’s the talk of the USC population. So much so that a USC news website tracked down one of the “videographers” for an anonymous, voice-altered interview…guess which team the creepy friend that goes to get his camera everything you see anything weird roots for? The Cardinals!

Good luck staying totally anonymous when you rock your Cardinals shirt on a California TV interview! A Dodgers “shirsey” would have been the safter play despite any pre-ordained midwest team affiliations.

via Gawker