Old Photo of the Beatles at Busch Stadium Surfaces

NPR recently posted some rare behind the scenes photos of The Beatles, which were this british pop band from the olden days. (We’d never heard of them, but Steve Jobs told us they were a big deal, so we gave them a shot…not bad!) What the hell was the point of all this?…oh yeah, here’s one from St. Louis!

There are George and John chilling at the locker rooms at old Busch Stadium (II)! Pretty cool, to be sure, but these old photos are so grainy. Is that a jacked to the left of George or a figure? Time to bust out the CSI “enhancer tool”!

…this is where the computer is thinking but also making that weird fast beeping sound, as if that sound, every time a computer was processing wouldn’t be annoying at all…


Oh we should have guessed! It was current Cardinal and future Cub first basemen, Albert Pujols in his whitey-tighty underwear hanging around the Cardinals clubhouse still…er…then. You make doubt our photo skills, but this enhanced photo does shed some light on why George seems so tense, all awkward and bundled up. If we were just 2 feet and a thin layer of stretchy cotton away from Pujols junk we’d be a little unnerved too.

via Derrick Goold’s Twitter stream