The Cardinals Couldn’t Even Get a Hit With a 100 Pound Metal Plate

A 100-pound steel plate fell off Busch Stadium Monday afternoon. It fell the height of the park, safely crashing to the ground below, proving that nothing with a Cardinal logo can seem to hit anything these days. Crews roped off an area outside of Busch Stadium after a section of metal soffit fell to the sidewalk below after ground crews discovered the problem Monday afternoon. Had the Cardinals been at home and the stadium filled with people, this metal plate would have just turned at least two hoosiers, an old lady, and one minority about to be the first in their family to go to college in to little more than sticky paste on the Busch Stadium sidewalk. [Read More]

Old Photo of the Beatles at Busch Stadium Surfaces

NPR recently posted some rare behind the scenes photos of The Beatles, which were this british pop band from the olden days. (We’d never heard of them, but Steve Jobs told us they were a big deal, so we gave them a shot…not bad!) What the hell was the point of all this?…oh yeah, here’s one from St. Louis! There are George and John chilling at the locker rooms at old Busch Stadium (II)! [Read More]

Busch Stadium Gives the Leftovers to Homeless People

The Cardinals are making it kown that they have been working with Operation Food Search to pack up all un-eaten food and supply it to homeless shelters. Jeramie Mitchell, the stadium’s Food and Beverage Director, says the Cardinals work with Operation Food Search. They pack any quality food in coolers, and the organization picks it up the next day. Operation Food Search is a St. Louis organization that distributes food to homeless shelters and others in need. [Read More]

U2 is Coming to Busch Stadium

Hello St. Louis! Are you ready to rock?! Mega-band U2 has been booked for a July 17th, 2011 appearance at our very own Busch Stadium! Announced Monday afternoon, the Cardinals are bringing the bands “360 Tour” and its musical spectacle packed in 120 semi trucks to the Busch Stadium field. Take the largest stage and tour production in history, one of the greatest bands of all time with three decades of hits, add the world class Busch Stadium, and you have the formula for an evening you’ll never forget. [Read More]

Stadium Health Inspection Report: The St. Louis Blues Are Really Clean

The Blues Win Something! Hello? Hello?! They Won Something. No one cares? Ok, we might have been overselling it somewhat. They didn’t really win anything…but their stadium did! According to ESPN, out of the three major sporting venues in St. Louis, only the Blues’ home, the Scottrade Center, score perfect with no “critical violations”. The score is a percentage of vendors with health code violations out of the total vendors. [Read More]

Morons in the Humidity: A Busch Stadium Safari

As we said earlier today, we went to the ballgame last night…and unlike most times, we brought our camera! We have a few great clear shots of some particular Busch Stadium species we all know and love (to hate). First up is Ithinkimcool forsomereason-us which is latin for “smug douche”. This guy decides its in his best interest to ruin other people’s fun at the game because he’s sad for some reason deep down inside. [Read More]

No Legs or Money, But Plenty of Commitment

Here’s to you handicapped, semi-homeless guy outside Busch Stadium! No, there isn’t anyone within a mile off you, but there you are, wheelchair brake applied, cup sticking out. Who’s going to put money in there? I have no idea and neither do you, but screw that! Who needs common sense?! Sure you could just bring the cup in a put it in your lap since no one is on either horizon, but thats how cheaters beg as fas as you’re concerned! [Read More]

The Guy That Fell In Busch Stadium is Still in the Hospital…Oh Wait, Who Cares?

Dear News Outlets, Seriously, why is this story still coming up? It happened. The dude didn’t die, you say it the one time as a segue from news to sports on the 10 o’clock news and thats it. No more. We don’t care. Even the staff at the hospital, the people that help others for a living know that no one cares: On Sunday, hospital spokeswoman Valerie Hoven said Hoffman remained in stable condition. [Read More]