Busch Stadium Gives the Leftovers to Homeless People

The Cardinals are making it kown that they have been working with Operation Food Search to pack up all un-eaten food and supply it to homeless shelters.

Jeramie Mitchell, the stadium’s Food and Beverage Director, says the Cardinals work with Operation Food Search. They pack any quality food in coolers, and the organization picks it up the next day.

Operation Food Search is a St. Louis organization that distributes food to homeless shelters and others in need. Last season, the Cardinals donated $100,000 worth of food.

The move is perfect for the homeless, since they don’t mind the stale multi-colored chips, the crusty buns and most of them already smell like ballpark farts. However, this will surely ruffle the feathers of the family of 10 from Jefferson County that just paid $234 to eat at the ballpark, thus putting their next month’s rent in jeopardy…which then technically puts them inline to get the food they just bought, for free. “Hey guy! Can I just take me free hotdogs now? See we’re up in section 455 and we were just sliding by until my daughter wanted a $40 foam finger which hurts and then I remembered it was Thursday, so I’m fixin’ to be fired for sure. Oh with mustard! Mustard is free too right?”

Just remember buddy, starting the wave in the 7th inning, annoying the crap out of the people actually trying to watch the game instead of you, and adult that won’t just admit he’s bored or doesn’t know what’s going on because “this is Cardinal Nation!”  is always free (with the price of admission).

Welcome back baseball!

via KMOV