You Should Definitely Eat This Strangers Bacon

This guy has some bacon, but he doesn’t like bacon, so instead of just returning the bacon from where it came from or throwing away the bacon, he decided the only option was to put it on Craigslist. Why didn’t he just give it to a friend…oh never mind. Starting to feel a little bit sorry for lonely bacon Cragistlist guy. Free bacon, I just don’t like bacon, serious inquires only, drop a text at ****** [Read More]

Mountain Grove Might Get a Horse Slaughter House No Matter How Many ‘My Little Ponies’ You Owned as a Kid

KDSK: Where the news comes first! …unless you think an interview about how one lady doesn’t like someone else’s business because it kills the one animal she likes isn’t news. Then just hang tight because after this there’s a few stories about people getting shot and then a long talk about the weather, followed by anchor banter and sports. Horse meat to eat? Sound unlikely? It could soon be a possibility, as the developers of a horse slaughter plant have set their sights on Missouri. [Read More]

That’s a Lot of Fish Fries

It’s Lent (for Christians anyway) and so begins fish fry season in our Catholic church laden town. So what’s a St. Louisan to do who wants to hit up as many fish fries as possible? Well grab your defibrillator and head over to Craves, Caves and where some awesome individual has taken the task of detailing as many local fish fries as he can find. Today I was looking for a fish fry in the area of a trivia night we are doing on Friday night (that may be the most “St Louis” sentence I’ve ever typed) and I had to mentally map out parishes between my house and the trivia night, and then look them up. [Read More]

Cupcake Project Unveils Man’s Greatest Achievement to Date: The Buffalo Chicken Cupcake

Fire and the wheel are totally important and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them, but dude…Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes exist now and that’s just too awesome to ignore. But a big thank you to “fire” which helped bake them, and to “the wheel” for…uh…well we’re pretty sure there’s a wheel involved behind the scenes somewhere. Here’s to Stef, the St. Louisan behind Cup Cake, and our new favorite person ever. [Read More]

Anheuser-Bush Inbev Readies New Beer, Hipster Readies Tumblr Blog About How it Sucks

Anheuser-Bush Inbev is planning to release a new variant of the Bud Light brand that is sweeter and with a higher alcohol percentage. Initial marketing documents uncovered by Punching Kitty had the beer being marketed as “Zima” but in the end it appears they decided to work off the current in-house trademarks. Bud Light Platinum will come in a cobalt blue bottle and it will be 6 percent alcohol by volume, compared with Bud Light’s 4. [Read More]

Spilled Chicken Parts Cause Traffic on Interstate 70

Traffic slowed for east-bound rush hour drivers Monday evening after a truck driver spilled his load all over the place, causing an environmental firm to come up and clean up the mess. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because a different truck driver did the same thing to your mother last night. The cargo was described as vaguely as “chicken parts”. Chicken parts that we’re assuming were scraped in to a pile on the road, with each one individually blown on while being held with two fingers…and then thrown back in to the truck. [Read More]

Budweiser Unveils New Can, Making Your Keychain, Shirt, and Inflatable Can No Longer Match Your Actual Beer

Budweiser redesigned their can because it’s much easier to change the paint in the canning machine rather than doing anything about the beer inside. Beer that’s not exactly great, but yet not bad enough to be considered ironic for hipsters. The new design features a cleaner look, one that is less ornate, with a heavier reliance on the color red. The name Budweiser is still written in a cursive script, but now the name is cast in white against a red backdrop instead of blue on white. [Read More]

You Better Hurry If You Want to Have Midtown’s Del Taco Give You Diarrhea One Last Time

Though we once described our feelings for Del Taco thusly: Don’t care how late it is or hungry we are, we will never say yes to the fast food version of rib-jobbing a sweaty Mexican donkey ride guy. …we do appreciate the unique design of the “brown nipple of Midtown“, and as such, we were a little sad to hear the news that the Del Taco might be leveled for some generic retail building. [Read More]

Tractor-Trailer Spills Mystery Meat All Over Highway 70 in St. Peters

Yesterday morning, a trailer flipped over on Highway 70 at the Mid Rivers Mall exit in St. Peters, spilling it’s cargo of what the police think were bratwurst. After the tractor-trailer exited off eastbound 70 onto north Mid Rivers Mall Drive this morning, it overturned, spilling some of its contents, which St. Peters police believe to be bratwurst. So they aren’t sure if they were bratwurst, but they believe them to be bratwurst. [Read More]

Busch Stadium Gives the Leftovers to Homeless People

The Cardinals are making it kown that they have been working with Operation Food Search to pack up all un-eaten food and supply it to homeless shelters. Jeramie Mitchell, the stadium’s Food and Beverage Director, says the Cardinals work with Operation Food Search. They pack any quality food in coolers, and the organization picks it up the next day. Operation Food Search is a St. Louis organization that distributes food to homeless shelters and others in need. [Read More]