Spilled Chicken Parts Cause Traffic on Interstate 70

Traffic slowed for east-bound rush hour drivers Monday evening after a truck driver spilled his load all over the place, causing an environmental firm to come up and clean up the mess. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because a different truck driver did the same thing to your mother last night. The cargo was described as vaguely as “chicken parts”. Chicken parts that we’re assuming were scraped in to a pile on the road, with each one individually blown on while being held with two fingers…and then thrown back in to the truck. [Read More]

Trucker Spills Acid in Two Towns Along I-44

A tanker truck was rumbling down I-44 Friday night leaking sulfuric acid on to the street which is a problem because it turns out that stuff is bad for you. Witness say a tractor trailer was leaking fluids while driving down the highway. Officials were notified, and an officer stopped the vehicle around 7:30p.m. Obviously, emergency crews had to shut down the highway as well as rush the officer who stopped the truck to the hospital after he got sick from inhaling the fumes (he’ll be fine). [Read More]

A Homeless Guy Walking Down 270 Finally Got a Mail Delivery

You know that important bill you not going to get? No? Oh, well…it’s on 270 by Dorsett Road. We’re sure it will be fine though, we hear mortgage companies are usually pretty chill on stuff like that. U.S. Postal Inspector Dan Taylor says the back door of a tractor trailer popped open on Interstate 270 near Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights around 4:30 a.m. Sunday. The truck continued onto Interstate 55 to Ste. [Read More]

St. Louisan Makes the Very First Ford Escort Truck

Driving down Forest Park Parkway, the “intra-city 40”, and a truck pulls in ahead of us.

Seems small though. Can’t figure out what’s wrong with this thing, but something is off. Wait a minute…that’s a Ford Escort…that is a Ford Escort truck!  …which aren’t supposed to exist and thus are like a chick with a third boob. You know, like at first you hear about it and you are like “Whoa! Three boobs?! That sounds awesome…and then you get there and after looking at it, its not quite right and makes everything look off because they aren’t lined up horizontally, but the third one is aligned vertically with the right boob making her look like some sort of weird dog girl which isn’t what you were hoping.  …maybe if there were four and she was evened out…no, even then, its just wrong and your dreams and expectations tempered like so many Saved by the Bell-themed wet dreams after watching Showgirls.

Have you ever really needed a truck but only had an old 4-door car? Lets say you did. Now let me ask you this: In that situation, would you think to yourself “Well I’ve got a shit-load of time on my hands! Lets just make a truck out of my Ford Escort!”

No. You wouldn’t think that. This guy did though. Thought it. Did it. …and now he is legend.

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St. Louis Road FAIL


Who the hell would have thought a 140 year old sewer would collapse when someone drove a semi truck carrying 43,000 pounds worth of scrap metal over it?!

I guess they don’t make them like they did 175 years ago…

Via STLToday.com and I’m sure every single nightly news cast tonight.

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