Trucker Spills Acid in Two Towns Along I-44

A tanker truck was rumbling down I-44 Friday night leaking sulfuric acid on to the street which is a problem because it turns out that stuff is bad for you. Witness say a tractor trailer was leaking fluids while driving down the highway. Officials were notified, and an officer stopped the vehicle around 7:30p.m. Obviously, emergency crews had to shut down the highway as well as rush the officer who stopped the truck to the hospital after he got sick from inhaling the fumes (he’ll be fine). [Read More]

Truck Spills 20 Tons of Mayonaise on I-44 Near Springfield

The southwest end of I-44 by Springfield, got a lot more delicious Saturday when 20 tons of mayo sprayed from a truck ran into an overpass causing authorities to close the interstate for several hours. The article doesn’t clarify what type of mayo, but if it has to go to waste, here’s hoping it was Miracle Whip. That crap is gross. Springfield police closed the eastbound lanes of the interstate near U. [Read More]