A Homeless Guy Walking Down 270 Finally Got a Mail Delivery

You know that important bill you not going to get? No? Oh, well…it’s on 270 by Dorsett Road. We’re sure it will be fine though, we hear mortgage companies are usually pretty chill on stuff like that. U.S. Postal Inspector Dan Taylor says the back door of a tractor trailer popped open on Interstate 270 near Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights around 4:30 a.m. Sunday. The truck continued onto Interstate 55 to Ste. [Read More]

More Proof that Lesbians Like Tongue

Break-ups. We’ve all been there. At first you’re so pissed off! You just want to go knock over trash cans and kick puppies. I mean, if you just saw her one more time, you’d…well you don’t know what you’d do…but it would be something good, like telling her about that time you rubbed one out in her hand lotion…and mayonnaise…and shampoo bottle…and sock drawer. In a few days you calm down though and decide to just get those feelings out with a note with a cow’s tongue attached. [Read More]

St. Louis Gives Woman the Job of Postmaster Now That the Job is Irrelevant

On Monday, St. Louis’ very first female Postmaster went to work. Nancy Fryrear became the city’s 36th Postmaster when she stepped in to her office and did…I mean I guess she like got some coffee and then…geez. …what does a Postmaster do again? She will oversee the collection and delivery of mail to the 490,000 business and residential customers in the 631 ZIP code area. Her area of responsibility includes 28 stations and branches, 16 finance units and nearly 1,800 employees. [Read More]