More Proof that Lesbians Like Tongue

Break-ups. We’ve all been there. At first you’re so pissed off! You just want to go knock over trash cans and kick puppies. I mean, if you just saw her one more time, you’d…well you don’t know what you’d do…but it would be something good, like telling her about that time you rubbed one out in her hand lotion…and mayonnaise…and shampoo bottle…and sock drawer. In a few days you calm down though and decide to just get those feelings out with a note with a cow’s tongue attached. [Read More]

That Must Have Been One Hell of a Cookie

Spotted on St. Louis’ Craigstlist section under “Missed Connections” last night: i almost killed you with an oatmeal cookie – w4w – 25 (st. louis) ****j.w, i really want to see your smile again. i promise to show you a good time. if anything, just for fun. think about it… Hey there! w4w eh? Nice… Here’s hoping “oatmeal cookie” is a euphemism for “amazing night of crazy lesbian sex where one of us is dressed as a sexy librarian and the other one as a school girl and involved all the hot stuff and none of the weird stuff that lesbians probably prefer but doesn’t fit with male fantasies” [Read More]