That Must Have Been One Hell of a Cookie

Spotted on St. Louis’ Craigstlist section under “Missed Connections” last night: i almost killed you with an oatmeal cookie – w4w – 25 (st. louis) ****j.w, i really want to see your smile again. i promise to show you a good time. if anything, just for fun. think about it… Hey there! w4w eh? Nice… Here’s hoping “oatmeal cookie” is a euphemism for “amazing night of crazy lesbian sex where one of us is dressed as a sexy librarian and the other one as a school girl and involved all the hot stuff and none of the weird stuff that lesbians probably prefer but doesn’t fit with male fantasies” [Read More]

Missed Connection: Clark Kent Loves the Big Ladies

Oh Missed Connections, you are always there for me when the news, like the road outside my house, is all frozen over. My Sexy Clark Kent… J.S. – w4m – 48 (Florissant) J.S… I sure will miss you. You have no idea how perfect you were……. how nice your Gorgeous TOOL was……. You smelled wonderful EVERY time…….. you are very special to me and you ALWAYS will be…. We had the most wonderful times…… and you always made me comfortable… being a bigger girl can be uncomfortable…… you made me feel wonderful… I thank you so very much for that. [Read More]

Craigslist: I Sucked Your…

This one really doesn’t need my commentary. It can stand on its own…and not just because the guy the little slut is looking for is apparently rocking a kick-stand: I sucked your BIG DICK at the Club 2 years ago – m4m – 23 (Club Stl) You were tall, dark hair, in shape, goodlooking, muscles, and a BIG DICK. You tried to fuck me but I ended up sucking you instead. [Read More]