Missed Connection: Clark Kent Loves the Big Ladies

Oh Missed Connections, you are always there for me when the news, like the road outside my house, is all frozen over.

My Sexy Clark Kent… J.S. – w4m – 48 (Florissant)

J.S… I sure will miss you. You have no idea how perfect you were……. how nice your Gorgeous TOOL was……. You smelled wonderful EVERY time…….. you are very special to me and you ALWAYS will be…. We had the most wonderful times…… and you always made me comfortable… being a bigger girl can be uncomfortable…… you made me feel wonderful… I thank you so very much for that. J.S… I do want to see you again……… I already miss you… Sex was crazy good with you… even our age difference was nothing for what we had and what we did. I dont want to call or email. im afraid of what will happen………. maybe its time to move on…. maybe its time to end it while it was FANTASTIC!! Thank you for making me feel GREAT!!!! you’ll always be my Clark Kent!!


My deductive powers of reasoning have gleaned the following from this “connection”:

  1. J.S. wears glasses.

  2. L.E. is a fatty.

  3. I think L.E. was having an affair with J.S. since she is “afraid” what might happen if they get in touch.

  4. I don’t this L.E. realizes that wasn’t frosting making her feel wonderful.

  5. L.E. likes to EMPHASIZE words with the CAPS lock KEY.

  6. Now that her little affair is over, L.E is going to go right back to trying to fill that emptiness inside her with ding dongs…as opposed to one particular ding dong.