St. Louis Gets Lingerie Football Team

We’ve always wished for the day when it would be announced that St. Louis would be the home of years of girls playing football in tight little outfits…but sadly the Rams still haven’t worked out their deal with the city, so Lingerie Football will have to do. [Editor’s Note: Tip you’re waitress folks!] The St. Louis squad will compete in the Eastern Conference against the Baltimore Charm, the Cleveland Crush, the Philadelphia Passion, the Tampa Breeze and another expansion team in Omaha. [Read More]

Three Chicks Got Hit By Lightning

“Hey its storming. Lets go to the park!” “Ow.” “Did we just get hit by lightning?” “I think so.” “We should tell someone.” “Ok. How about a park ranger?” “Sounds good to me.” “I’m going to sit down.” As storms rolled through the area Monday, three females on their way to St. Vincent County Park said they believed they were struck by lightning while en route. The females, ages 22, 18, and 12 approached a park official and said notified the officer of their condition. [Read More]

St. Louis Roller Derby Scene Gets First All-Dude Team

We aren’t sure if this is the first truly “all-male” roller derby team, or if it’s simply the first team to not bother to tuck it back, but its making news all the same. St. Louis now sports two roller derby teams, one of women, the famed Arch Rivals, and now the GateKeepers. Oh and in case you slipped and fell, hitting your head in your shower this morning…15 times, the GateKeepers coach wants to explain to you what the team name came from. [Read More]

That Must Have Been One Hell of a Cookie

Spotted on St. Louis’ Craigstlist section under “Missed Connections” last night: i almost killed you with an oatmeal cookie – w4w – 25 (st. louis) ****j.w, i really want to see your smile again. i promise to show you a good time. if anything, just for fun. think about it… Hey there! w4w eh? Nice… Here’s hoping “oatmeal cookie” is a euphemism for “amazing night of crazy lesbian sex where one of us is dressed as a sexy librarian and the other one as a school girl and involved all the hot stuff and none of the weird stuff that lesbians probably prefer but doesn’t fit with male fantasies” [Read More]

St. Louis Chicks with Douchey Guys

Maybe you’ve seen the blog Hot Chicks with Douchebags, well guess what? We have a few examples of this meme in our very own town…and all it took to find them was a quick trip to the InsideSTL photo gallery! Shocker right? You know guys, I’m guessing most of you are sports fans. There’s a sport expression that falls inline with this: “Act like you’ve been there before.” You don’t need to get this excited just because someone pointed a camera at you while you happen to be standing next to a girl. [Read More]

Some Piece From Gossip Girl is From St. Louis

That vacant stare. That “I’m actually ok looking but at least I put in a little extra time with the makeup and hair so I’m decent looking and when you are drunk tonight you will think I’m the hottest girl on the planet but you’ll regret it because since I know I’m not actually all that great looking, I’m going to cling to you like I’m drowning.” vibe. This broad is from St. [Read More]