St. Louis Roller Derby Scene Gets First All-Dude Team

We aren’t sure if this is the first truly “all-male” roller derby team, or if it’s simply the first team to not bother to tuck it back, but its making news all the same.

St. Louis now sports two roller derby teams, one of women, the famed Arch Rivals, and now the GateKeepers. Oh and in case you slipped and fell, hitting your head in your shower this morning…15 times, the GateKeepers coach wants to explain to you what the team name came from.

Scott Meyer, 28, of Brentwood, who coaches the men, added that the team’s name is a nod to the players’ pride in being from St. Louis, the Gateway to the West.

Wow! No way! …ok, now tell me where the Arch Rivals got their name from?!

Lame name or not, GateKeepers have hit the roller derby world and its causing a bit of a stir in the traditionally women-dominated sport. Some women apparently aren’t thrilled with the prospect of competing (ticket-wise) with an all men group. Add to it that apparently the GateKeepers are good as they dropped a thumping on Indiana Race City Rebels in their first game beating them 125-17. Admittedly, we don’t know crap about the roller derby scoring system, but that seems like an ass whipping and if that’s not the case than the scoring system for roller derby is beyond retarded.

The real question is if “original” St. Louis roller derby team worried about the up-start men’s league?

Kirsten O’Loughlin of the Arch Rival Roller Girls said she thinks the more teams the better.

“Guys have been around supporting the league as refs and non-skating officials, so now that they want to do it themselves, why not let them have some fun too?” she said.

The guys say they have more fun though and girls are naturally little bitches when it comes to contact sports.  Kinda…I’m paraphrasing.

[T]he men’s game is faster and more chaotic than the women’s, which relies more on strategy and teamwork.

“Guys tend to play contact sports more than gals as they grow up so they’re more comfortable beating on each other,” she said. “A lot of the ladies have to overcome the instinct to ask ‘Are you OK?’ after they knock someone down.”

You’re right. This does totally look badass! Not pathetic and weird at all.

Here’s the straight dope: The chance of a boob popping out is zero when I go to see your matches. I’ll pass. Let me rephrase: The chance of a boob that I want to see popping out is zero.

If any of you dudes want to lace up and join the team head over to

via STLToday