Missouri and Illinois Have “Un-Fair” Judges

This according to a survey done by some fancy something or other.

Missouri ranked 37th among the 50 states for the perceived fairness of its litigation environment. This is down from its 2008 ranking of 31 as well as from its rank of 34 in 2007.

Illinois came in at No. 45 for the perceived fairness of its litigation environment. It ranked 46th in both 2007 and 2008.

So according to this survey of lawyers Missouri and Illinois judges rank low in “perceived fairness” which is baffling to us as we were pretty sure the way to always be fair was just to cut everything in half.

Survey respondents named two Illinois counties among the worst jurisdictions in the country; Cook County was named the most unfair and unreasonable litigation environment and Madison County was named fifth most unfair.

…and now we’re naming names. We wonder what exactly “fairness” means. Is this just really a list of courts that have ruled for the “little guy” more than any other? …eh. It’s Illinois, the state that is apparently fine with having its west side being one big glory hole. We tend to believe the survey.

Also receiving top rankings were the Missouri counties of Warren and Adair on the “Court System Most Resembling the one from My Cousin Vinny

via St. Louis Business Journal