St. Louis Under Lightning Siege!

St. Louis is being attacked by lightning! …Is there some biblical situation going on we aren’t aware of? First on Monday, two people were struck by lightning. One person, someone STLToday called a “seasonal laborer”, in Forest Park by the Jewel Box and the other Chouteau. A seasonal laborer was reportedly struck at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, Capt. Michael Pickett said. The worker was conscious and alert when paramedics arrived but was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital for evaluation. [Read More]

Three Chicks Got Hit By Lightning

“Hey its storming. Lets go to the park!” “Ow.” “Did we just get hit by lightning?” “I think so.” “We should tell someone.” “Ok. How about a park ranger?” “Sounds good to me.” “I’m going to sit down.” As storms rolled through the area Monday, three females on their way to St. Vincent County Park said they believed they were struck by lightning while en route. The females, ages 22, 18, and 12 approached a park official and said notified the officer of their condition. [Read More]