St. Louis Under Lightning Siege!

St. Louis is being attacked by lightning! …Is there some biblical situation going on we aren’t aware of?

First on Monday, two people were struck by lightning. One person, someone STLToday called a “seasonal laborer”, in Forest Park by the Jewel Box and the other Chouteau.

A seasonal laborer was reportedly struck at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, Capt. Michael Pickett said. The worker was conscious and alert when paramedics arrived but was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital for evaluation. Pickett said it appeared to have been a secondary strike that may have hit the ground first.

[A] man, 54, who was working on a building at 2017 Chouteau Avenue. The man was using a rotary tool that touched a water pipe during a lightning strike, Pickett said.

Just yesterday, we learn of the news that our town’s beloved City Museum has been damaged by a lightning strike (move  your lookin’ balls right)!

What the hell is going on? Have the St. Louis brass jailed some greek god’s mortal son? Have we angered the man upstairs in some way?  We sacrificed our classical music station for you! What more do you want dammit?!! What’s that? …You want another sacrifice? You want the perfect scalp of KSDK’s Mike Bush? Jesus. Um…I mean “dang”. But God, if you take our Mike Bush who will report the four “good” news stories each night? We’ll make you a deal: KSDK’s Leisa Zigman and KTVI’s Charlie Marlow instead of Bush. You think about it.

Until then, Paul McKee told us to tell you that if you level a few buildings by lightning strikes in North City that would be awesome.

via KSDK and STLToday