Suspect in Brutal Murder Believes in Karma According to MySpace

No doubt you’ve heard of the brutal murder scene discovered in East St. Louis recently. No not that one, the other one. No, the more brutal one. …ok, it was the one where a man, Zachary Irvin, was dismembered and burned to death. According to STLToday:

Irvin’s dismembered body was found burning on top of a metal landscaping cart nearby. Evidence led investigators to the large warehouse along Front Street, where they found three rooms with blood-spattered floors and walls.

Police found a meat cleaver, hacksaw, drywall saw, metal shears, claw hammer, rope, tin snips and binding material strewn about the rooms. Most of the items had remnants of a “red, blood-like substance,” according to the warrants. Also in the room police found a blood stained bandage.

Two men have been charged with the slaying: James Pierson and Dennis Iagulli, both were homeless until settling in to St. Clair County jail after being arrested when they were found to be in possession of Irwin’s personal items.

Apparently these days the internet is truly everywhere because, despite being homeless, Dennis Iagulli has a MySpace page. We were tipped off to the page recently and after only a quick look we found numerous items of interest:

– His current mode is “calm” …with a sunglasses smiley face.

– He goes by “DJ”

– Describes himself as (emphasis ours)  “Phillipine and Italian 5’11” 150lbs. slim masc GAY male who wholy believes in and Lives by karma”  Iagulli finishes up his About Me section with the amazingly creepy: “I have a plan that will hit the history books hard.(Theres[sic] more coming)”

– Interests: “My Interests vary and are very multiple, you get to know me, you get to know my interests.” Also creepy considering the circumstances no?

– Heroes: “All those people past, present, future who dared to think outside the box and act on what they thought.” …some times we shouldn’t act on every impulse we have though DJ.

– He’s gay.

– Children: “Love kids, but not for me.”

– He smokes and drinks.

– He claims to have a graduate degree, be self-employed and make “$250,000 and Higher” …I guess “homeless, alleged psycho” weren’t options?

– Only 5 friends. Tom isn’t to be found…anyone seen him lately? Just checking.

– DJ named his cat “Mom”. Freud would love to take a whack at this guy!

Our bet is that once the word gets out about his creepy MySpace page its coming down fast.

Dennis Iagulli’s live MySpace page is at:

Lastly, thanks to our tipster for risking their eyes and mental health by going through MySpace to make this find!