Jenna Fischer Got Married by the Guy From Survivor

Local cutie turned TV and movie star, Jenna Fischer, got married last weekend to her second husband, writer Lee Kirk who has really squinty eyes all the time.

…and, of course, they were married by Survivor host Jeff Probst.

It’s no secret that the Office hottie tied the knot with writer Lee Kirk earlier this month, but it took almost three weeks to unearth the eyebrow-cocking revelation that the officiant of their vow-swap was none other than the_Survivor_ host-turned-alliance king himself.

As weird as it may sound, Jeff Probst and Fischer go way back and, as it happens, Jeff was “ordained” in the Universal Life Church…that’s right the online church that will ordain anything and anyone. We should know as we were ordained 10 years ago!

Although it would have been more sense to have the Survivor host preside over Fischer’s marriage elimination divorce from director and fellow native St. Louisan James Gunn, we’re happy to hear Fischer is happy now with Blondy McSquints.

In other news, when you search for the name of Jenna’s new hubby Lee Kirk on Google’s Image search you also get this guy, who I’m guessing is a different guy.

We bet Lee is just thrilled with that news.

via E! Online