Three Chicks Got Hit By Lightning

“Hey its storming. Lets go to the park!”


“Did we just get hit by lightning?”

“I think so.”

“We should tell someone.”

“Ok. How about a park ranger?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I’m going to sit down.”

As storms rolled through the area Monday, three females on their way to St. Vincent County Park said they believed they were struck by lightning while en route.

The females, ages 22, 18, and 12 approached a park official and said notified the officer of their condition. When paramedics arrived on scene, the females were on the ground.

We didn’t think it worked that way but ok, sure. Why not?

So far tests looking for any super powers have been negative…doctors think if the lightning would have killed the girl’s parents, the chances might have been greater.

In a related story: When you google “Lightning Girls” to get an image for a post like this, you get a bunch of photos of the Tampa Bay Lightning Girls. Tests looking for any more interest in this story by my penis have all come back positive.

via KSDK