Creve Coeur Park to Install Zip Line Because Zip Lines are Awesome

There are 425 different bird species that live in Creve Coeur Park, a 2,145 acre park that contains a 325 acre lake and a large wetlands area and is home to countless other animals. It’s a peaceful place where area residents can come to escape the strip mall that is Creve Coeur and instead look at a bird or two while contemplating the beauty of nature…but f*ck all that sh*t! Lets put a zip line up in that bitch! [Read More]

Three Chicks Got Hit By Lightning

“Hey its storming. Lets go to the park!” “Ow.” “Did we just get hit by lightning?” “I think so.” “We should tell someone.” “Ok. How about a park ranger?” “Sounds good to me.” “I’m going to sit down.” As storms rolled through the area Monday, three females on their way to St. Vincent County Park said they believed they were struck by lightning while en route. The females, ages 22, 18, and 12 approached a park official and said notified the officer of their condition. [Read More]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Crazy Letter-Writing Beholder

Oh Post Dispatch Letters to the Editor, how I love you. Every time a little bit of civic pride and love for my fair city starts to creep in to my heart, there you are, displaying the crack pottiest letters from only the most sad individuals that think writing to their local newspaper still means something. Take John Bell. He hates the new Citygarden. It looks like this: We think John Bell probably looks like this: [Read More]