Dear Punching Kitty: First excited, Then Sad, but Always Stupid

We’ve changed a lot here at Punching Kitty over our three and a half years of existence, but we’ve always own up to our copious whoopsies, and enjoy responding to our readers. Sometimes we respond in the comments, sometimes we just trade emails, and sometimes, the note is just so great we have to put it on the site for everyone to enjoy. Can you guess which one is happening today? [Read More]

Dear Punching Kitty: Me Use Internet Explorer. Me No Smart About Internet.

We love our readers, so cordial and internet savvy. We also like this guy too, just because we just want to pat him on the head, wipe his face and help him tighten his retard helment’s chin strap. Have you ever bothered to view your site in IE? It looks really, well…like your [sic] dumb. We’re dumb, yet you use Internet Explorer, apparently willingly. Wait…does your mom know you are on the computer? [Read More]

Would Increasing the Drivers License Age Limit Create a Utopia?

Ed “You Punks Get Off My Lawn” Willis thinks so, as he stated in his Letter to the Editor: We can improve the economy, benefit the environment, and save lives, all in one fell swoop. However, this change will require a great deal of courage and a strong sense of responsibility on the part of parents and lawmakers. We must take the car keys away from 16 year olds. The minimum age for a driver’s license should be 18. [Read More]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Crazy Letter-Writing Beholder

Oh Post Dispatch Letters to the Editor, how I love you. Every time a little bit of civic pride and love for my fair city starts to creep in to my heart, there you are, displaying the crack pottiest letters from only the most sad individuals that think writing to their local newspaper still means something. Take John Bell. He hates the new Citygarden. It looks like this: We think John Bell probably looks like this: [Read More]