Science Explains Why East St. Louis Sucks Giant Zoo Elephant Butt

We all know East St. Louis sucks. Really sucks. Like, “Why can’t you just call yourself ‘West Chicago’?” sucks. But do you know why? Not just the shootings and the hookers, but why there are shootings and hooker? …and why most eastern parts of other towns suck the same way, albeit, much less? Take it away science! The reason for this is that in much of the northern hemisphere, the prevailing winds are westerlies – blowing from west to east. [Read More]

Would Increasing the Drivers License Age Limit Create a Utopia?

Ed “You Punks Get Off My Lawn” Willis thinks so, as he stated in his Letter to the Editor: We can improve the economy, benefit the environment, and save lives, all in one fell swoop. However, this change will require a great deal of courage and a strong sense of responsibility on the part of parents and lawmakers. We must take the car keys away from 16 year olds. The minimum age for a driver’s license should be 18. [Read More]