Pie Charts For Science

We present to you a few pie charts showing some relevant data but in the shape of pies because we both know you love pie. Maybe if you ate up science like you gobble down pie, you’d be working at that job you’d rather have. Something to think about, but today is a new day and you can have your lookin’ balls feast on fresh baked St. Louis science! 1. Reasons we go anywhere near North City 2. [Read More]

Science Explains Why East St. Louis Sucks Giant Zoo Elephant Butt

We all know East St. Louis sucks. Really sucks. Like, “Why can’t you just call yourself ‘West Chicago’?” sucks. But do you know why? Not just the shootings and the hookers, but why there are shootings and hooker? …and why most eastern parts of other towns suck the same way, albeit, much less? Take it away science! The reason for this is that in much of the northern hemisphere, the prevailing winds are westerlies – blowing from west to east. [Read More]

St. Louis Ranks #1 in Something, It’s Best We Don’t Get into Specifics

Begin press release: To: Everyone Re: St. Louis ranking #1 in something According to a recent study by Punching Kitty.com, St. Louis has come out on top, over all the major US metro areas, as the best city for…um…this crazy thing…it’s not really important. “After pouring through all the data we have concluded that St. Louis finally has a study to hang it’s hat on as it came in the clear number 1 beating out San Francisco, CA, New York City, NY and Bald Knob, AR” said editor Mike Flynn. [Read More]

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Coming to SLU

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Coming to SLU
Washed-up kids science show host and recurring guest “star” on CBS’ drama Numb3rs Bill Nye is coming to speak at St. Louis University at the Busch Student Center building on February 16th. The topic of his talk will be “More with Less: How Saint Louis University Students are Going to Change the World.” See the brilliance of it is putting the school he happens to be at is right in the title of the speech! [Read More]