Deadly Highways: Drive Through Missouri if You Dare

There is no one out there on the internet that is better than the old linkbait list than the Daily Beast. Here we go falling for it again. In their latest list, they poured over fatal accident data from the National Highway Safety Administration to determine what chunks of interstate roads were, statistically, the most dangerous. Some roads are more dangerous than others—reckless or distracted drivers seem to congregate on certain highway corridors, while poor road maintenance is another common cause of collisions. [Read More]

Johnny Londoff, Sr. Died

“Johnny Londoff, Chevrolet!” Johnny Londoff, Sr., the long-time car dealer that had one of the catchiest jingles in St. Louis history has died at the age of 86. Londoff founded the Chevrolet car dealership in Florissant on Dunn Road. Londoff started the dealership in 1960. Before that, he owned a dealership in North St. Louis which he had started in 1946. Londoff was well known for his catchy advertising jingle and his talent for promotion on billboards, radio, TV, and newspapers. [Read More]

If You Used a Valet at the Hyatt, Your Car is Famous!

For all the awesome things the internet does, one of its greatest powers is always overlooked. “What is this power?” you ask so this article will flow the way I want it to… Well catching people committing crimes when they post a video of them doing it on YouTube like freaking morons! Kyle O’Brien didn’t know anything had happened to his 2004 Dodge until he saw his car being abused on FOX 2 Tuesday night, “I’m not freaking out about it, but it isn’t that funny,” says OBrien. [Read More]

Dave Sinclair Gets a New Address

dave1Local legend Dave Sinclair, died today at the age of 81 of gallbladder cancer which has got to be the worst kind of cancer possible since you don’t even need your gallbladder!

We hear that Dave isn’t quite the nice guy he was in the commercials, but we’ll touch on that later.

If you want to read his life story head over to

Would Increasing the Drivers License Age Limit Create a Utopia?

Ed “You Punks Get Off My Lawn” Willis thinks so, as he stated in his Letter to the Editor: We can improve the economy, benefit the environment, and save lives, all in one fell swoop. However, this change will require a great deal of courage and a strong sense of responsibility on the part of parents and lawmakers. We must take the car keys away from 16 year olds. The minimum age for a driver’s license should be 18. [Read More]