Johnny Londoff, Sr. Died

“Johnny Londoff, Chevrolet!”

Johnny Londoff, Sr., the long-time car dealer that had one of the catchiest jingles in St. Louis history has died at the age of 86.

Londoff founded the Chevrolet car dealership in Florissant on Dunn Road.   Londoff started the dealership in 1960.   Before that, he owned a dealership in North St. Louis which he had started in 1946.

Londoff was well known for his catchy advertising jingle and his talent for promotion on billboards, radio, TV, and newspapers.

Londoff is survived by his wife of 57 years, Sylvia Londoff, his children Laura, Linda, John Londoff, Jr., and Jacqueline Hope Londoff.

Fear not jingle lovers, the advertising lives on as the dealership is currently in the care of Loondoff’s son…Johnny Londoff, Jr.

Also, and maybe you weren’t aware, but he owned his own building and lot…and now a plot.

via KSDK