73 Year Old Man Killed After Standing on I-44

A 73-year old Charles Bartlett was struck and killed while standing in front of on-coming traffic on I-44 near St. James, MO. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says Charles Bartlett of St. James was struck Monday night. The patrol says he was hit by a car as he stood in the eastbound passing lane near St. James, and died at the scene. It wasn’t clear why Bartlett was in the driving lane of the interstate [Read More]

Deadly Highways: Drive Through Missouri if You Dare

There is no one out there on the internet that is better than the old linkbait list than the Daily Beast. Here we go falling for it again. In their latest list, they poured over fatal accident data from the National Highway Safety Administration to determine what chunks of interstate roads were, statistically, the most dangerous. Some roads are more dangerous than others—reckless or distracted drivers seem to congregate on certain highway corridors, while poor road maintenance is another common cause of collisions. [Read More]