Horrible Kitten Crime With Cute Photo Chaser

KMOX has a story about multiple kittens that were killed and then lined up in a Belleville, Illinois park: [A woman] found the bodies of dead kittens, seven in all,- near some railroad tracks. Their bodies were lined up all in a row. According to police spokesman Sgt. Don Sax the kittens may have been killed “by an animal”, and were later discovered and lined up by someone, perhaps a child. [Read More]

Craig Cornett Died

Craig Cornett, the former morning show host on St. Louis’s 93.7 The Bull who disappeared from the public eye after being let go from the station and getting in to trouble with the law early last year, was found dead Tuesday in his Jonesboro, Arkansas home. Police say Cornett was found sitting upright in a chair. His ex-wife said she thought he was asleep, but when she tried to wake him she noticed he was cold to the touch, he was not breathing, and his feet were purple. [Read More]

A North Side Story

There are some that believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, like the dropping population numbers, the fact we have our own, albeit crappy, superhero, and that St. Louis’s crime issue isn’t as bad as folks like us make it out to be. To those people, we present this, the saddest, craziest story we’ve heard of…so far this week: In short, a group of people gathered in the street for a vigil for their slain family member and friend last week. [Read More]

Mitchell Page Died

Former Cardinals hitting coach Mitchell Page died in his sleep at age 59, and no other details are available at this time. Though it is worth pointing out, since no one else seems to, that Page was relieved from his position as hitting coach after the 2004 season because of a drinking problem and was said to have been pushed checked himself in to a rehab facility shortly after. It’s not known of his alcohol problem and his recent death are related, but 59 is pretty young to be going in your sleep without “help” from other issues. [Read More]

CBS Early Show Analyzes August Busch IV, While Post Dispatch Keeps Playing that 911 Tape

CBS’s Russ Mitchell talks with the author of “Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch, An American Icon” Julie Macintosh about her thoughts on the mysterious death of Busch’s girlfriend, Adrienne Nicole Martin. (We would have embedded it here, but CBS sucks and disabled embedding…and probably touches new born puppies in bad places.) Interesting stuff about a case that so far, has netted very little int the way of details aside from a 911 tape that was as boring as they come despite all the media outlets trying to make it interesting. [Read More]

August Busch IV’s Girlfriend Found Dead at His Home

August Busch IV, St. Louis’ bad boy playboy millionaire, who’s family beer-making business was sold to InBev a few years ago, had yet another run in with Johnny Law recently when a dead woman was found last Sunday in his South Lindbergh mansion. The woman, 27 year old Adrienne Nicole Martin, was a former girlfriend of Busch. Pretty suspicious that a woman was found dead in a mansion and the mansion was owned by her boyfriend, and the boyfriend has had a few issues with the law in his past right…and that all day Sunday my trick knee was aching which usually means there’s been a disturbance in the Hooters waitress force? [Read More]

A Guy Died During a Parking Lot Crash on Hampton

Update: A relative of the deceased (and future fan club member) in the comments, tells us that the family learned today that the man in the accident was shot, which makes this whole thing make a lot more sense. Thats’s the STL we know! Original article: You don’t hear this much. Usually it’s all fender-benders, door dings or pre-teens car jacking old people, rather than fatal, single-car accidents going down in parking lots. [Read More]

73 Year Old Man Killed After Standing on I-44

A 73-year old Charles Bartlett was struck and killed while standing in front of on-coming traffic on I-44 near St. James, MO. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says Charles Bartlett of St. James was struck Monday night. The patrol says he was hit by a car as he stood in the eastbound passing lane near St. James, and died at the scene. It wasn’t clear why Bartlett was in the driving lane of the interstate [Read More]

Deadly Highways: Drive Through Missouri if You Dare

There is no one out there on the internet that is better than the old linkbait list than the Daily Beast. Here we go falling for it again. In their latest list, they poured over fatal accident data from the National Highway Safety Administration to determine what chunks of interstate roads were, statistically, the most dangerous. Some roads are more dangerous than others—reckless or distracted drivers seem to congregate on certain highway corridors, while poor road maintenance is another common cause of collisions. [Read More]

New Casino Opens to Allow Old People Slowly Die While Giving Their Money Away

St. Louis has another casino. Let me guess, its name has “arch”, “gateway” or “river” in it. The [River City] casino opened after a parade and ceremonies where St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith pulled a lever on an oversized slot machine to officially open the doors. The 90,000 square foot casino game floor features more than 2,000 slot machines and 55 table games. The odd thing with non-Las Vegas casinos is that they are pretty much old folks home that serve drinks to young people at night. [Read More]