Horrible Kitten Crime With Cute Photo Chaser

KMOX has a story about multiple kittens that were killed and then lined up in a Belleville, Illinois park:

[A woman] found the bodies of dead kittens, seven in all,- near some railroad tracks.

Their bodies were lined up all in a row.

According to police spokesman Sgt. Don Sax the kittens may have been killed “by an animal”, and were later discovered and lined up by someone, perhaps a child.

WTF. No joke here, not from a site with a kitten logo (even if it did seem to have a rough night). We will offer a difference service though: A horrible mental image chaser.

Here’s a very focused kitten getting some quick work done before heading off for a nap:

Mind cleansed by cuteness of alive kitten. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Oh and these 10 people that “like”ed the story on KMOX can get ass cancer that can only be cured by shoving a hot metal rod up their asses and then when it’s up there burning the crap of our their butt hole, the doctor should be all like “Whoops, this other book says there’s no known cure. Not sure where I got the thick hot piece of metal in your ass thing from.”