Policeman Fake Arrests Kid During Career Day

Policeman Fake Arrests Kid During Career Day

During Washington Montessori School’s career day a police officer decided it would be fun to arrest a six-year old because when he asked him his name he gave the officer a “fake name”. In a effort to make a point about lying to the police, the officer cuffed the child and put him in the back of his squad car. Guess what happened…no don’t bother, the kid cried. Probably because he was nervous, but maybe because he had weed in his pocket, but either way he cried, and now his mom is pissed!

“This is not how you teach a 6-year-old to respect cops.  You just don’t,” Debbie Woodard, the boy’s mother, said.

Woodard tells News 4 she is not surprised how her son responded because he has always gone by his nickname ‘Jon Michael’ instead of his real name which is ‘Otis’.

It’s clear now that the officer should have arrested the mother for naming her kid “Otis” and for telling her child that “Jon Michael” is anything close to what a nickname should be. “Big O” maybe, or even “Skip”, but where is “Jon Michael” coming from? Is there an MTV ripoff service were you can text your name for $2.99 to find out your “Waltons Nickname” or something?

As with any angry mom situation, both the police and the school are backing away slowly.

“A young student was used in a demonstration with an officer on arrest procedure, and it upset the child and certainly I don’t think that was the police officer’s intent,” Patrick Wallace, the school district spokesman, said.

Police will only say they are conducting an internal investigation on the unidentified female officer, who works in the city’s traffic division.

Otis/Jon Michael/Little Liar’s mom is holding firm on her demand of an apology from the officer.

In a related story, why isn’t Baywatch on TV anymore? It used to be all over the place on reruns, and now? Nothing. 200+ channels and none of them have Baywatch?! It’s stupid and we demand an apology for that…which is why it’s related. Also boobs, because the mom probably has some and that’s all Baywatch was.

Damn we miss Baywatch.

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