Ladies Shouldn’t Pee at the Spear Construction Company (Updated)

Ladies Shouldn’t Pee at the Spear Construction Company (Updated)

Updated below with an anonymous response.

The owner of the Crestwood construction company is in trouble after it was discovered he had wired up a hidden camera in the ladies room. A woman employee is obviously pretty “pissed” about it, but for any other non-employees: What you’re peeing in a construction company office? How bad did you have to go? How long were you there? Did this guy give everyone a gallon jug of water in the waiting room? Before this story, we would have estimated the number of girls peeing in a construction office to be zero. The cops were probably like “This guy’s going to jail, but next time, hold it.”

Brian Spear, who owns Spear Construction, was charged with attempted invasion of privacy.

Police said Spear placed a hidden camera in the women’s restroom and recorded women on the toilet.

Authorities said a former employee found the camera under a pipe under the sink.

So “hidden” camera is a pretty loose term in this case. On a pipe under the sink, is just a few steps away from being on a tripod in the corner with a roll of paper towels hanging off of it.

“What did he see? How long has it been there? What was he doing? Why was he doing this,”

…is what most of our dates probably write in their diary after they get home, but it’s also what Spear’s female employee wanted to know after finding out about the lovely little “Brian Spear joint”.

“They’re sick. Why would someone want to see that? Why are they doing this to me?” she asked.

Ok, Devil’s Advocate here: Maybe this was nothing more than an experiment to finally solve the mystery of “Do girls poop?” Ok, we don’t want to defend the perv, but lets not just blindly throw away the tapes…can a doctor or scientist watch them and then update Yahoo Answers appropriately. We can’t believe it’s 2012 and no girl has yet to admit they poop. Admittedly the moon landing was probably worth figuring out first, but it’s time.

via KMOV and the tip line

Update, 5/15/2012 5pm:

We received this in our anonymous tip inbox (We love getting them! *hint*). Naturally it’s slated a certain direction, but it seemed worth posting, because even with fart jokes, we like to cover both sides.

LIES….blown out of proportion by an employee wanting money. The camera was placed on the weekend only when no-one was to be there. It was even on a timer. He had a disgruntled tenant he was leasing space to who he believed was placing materials in the women’s toilet to destroy the plumbing because they were having problems with the Men’s room as well. The police found NO women on the tapes. This is why the arrest was “attempted” and Spear is not in jail.

Don’t believe everything you read!