Crazy Old Man Arrested for Being a Crazy Old Man With a Gun

You know how people always say “I can’t wait to be old so I can get away with everything.” Well, that’s not entirely true. Sure you can get away with butt pinching, driving too slow, telling little kids that they’re ugly to their face, lingering while hugging your gradson’s hot girlfriend, saying racist stuff, and having a visible boner, but, while all those things are awesome, you really can’t get away with everything. [Read More]

New Casino Opens to Allow Old People Slowly Die While Giving Their Money Away

St. Louis has another casino. Let me guess, its name has “arch”, “gateway” or “river” in it. The [River City] casino opened after a parade and ceremonies where St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith pulled a lever on an oversized slot machine to officially open the doors. The 90,000 square foot casino game floor features more than 2,000 slot machines and 55 table games. The odd thing with non-Las Vegas casinos is that they are pretty much old folks home that serve drinks to young people at night. [Read More]

Video: Chuck Berry Live at Blueberry Hill

What better way to kick off your Friday? You may think you know that Chuck Berry is old, and its true, but no many know how old he really is. One day I saw Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards in a barbershop and I went up to him and said, “Joe, between you and me…how old is Chuck Berry.” Joe looks at me and says “Hey, Chuck Berry is 137 years old. [Read More]

Stock Photos of White Old People Are Racist Thinks Moron

I’m not here to be that guy that tells everyone that racism doesn’t exist any more. It totally does and seen plenty of it with my own eyes. This however, isn’t it: When Sonja McClendon searched for senior housing for her 87-year-old black father in St. Louis County, she spotted advertisements for housing centers that didn’t feature any black people. “That’s offensive,” she said. “It says that’s who lives here and maybe that’s the way we want to keep it. [Read More]