Stock Photos of White Old People Are Racist Thinks Moron

I’m not here to be that guy that tells everyone that racism doesn’t exist any more.  It totally does and seen plenty of it with my own eyes.  This however, isn’t it:

When Sonja McClendon searched for senior housing for her 87-year-old black father in St. Louis County, she spotted advertisements for housing centers that didn’t feature any black people.

“That’s offensive,” she said. “It says that’s who lives here and maybe that’s the way we want to keep it.” She kept looking until she found ads, and a skilled-care housing option, that included black people.

Maybe these people are racists, maybe they really do hate black people and they went through the trouble to actually pick out white old people for their ads, but if thats the case, bring it forward!

In case your were wondering, the actual racist lady looked through ads until she found one with a black lady in it and put her father in there.  I hope she remembered to check if there were any old people with stupid, fame-whoring daughters in the ads, because if not, you have another chance for your name in paper one more time!

via Columbia Missourian