Are the St. Louis Zoo’s Halloween Decorations Racist?

The St. Louis Zoo put up their Halloween decorations a few days ago and man did they screw up. It turns out the Zoo outed itself as a secret racist organization! We knew it. It always seemed fishy that the black panthers were always in the crappy cage in the back corner, the one with a busted-ass car in it for some reason, but the white tiger had like the best cage ever right up front. [Read More]

Kirkwood Was Totally Racist a Long Time Ago

Newsflash: Everyone was really really racist a while back. We know, you’re totally shocked. Who would have thought the residents of an area that was worked by slaves would be racist, but it’s true. Here’s the proof: A viewer alerted News 4 of an old covenant in the Osage Hills neighborhood. After an investigation, it was revealed that a 1926 agreement between the original neighbors blocked certain races from occupying homes. [Read More]

Missouri Half Way To Being Annoying Obviously Racist State Who Protends Not To Be

The Missouri House passed what has been called the “birther” bill, in which candidates for president or vice president would have to prove their U.S. citizenship in order to be put on the Missouri State’s ballot, inching us all one step closer to future laws such as the “Presidential hopefuls shall measure their dicks (from the balls, not the base!) for the State of Missouri and if he is larger than the average elected official, he will be denied a spot on the ballot! [Read More]

The Park Hills Subway Wasn’t the Most Friendly Place to Be Saturday

It may have looked like Halloween came really early in Park Hills, Missouri Saturday, but it wasn’t, just a bunch of racist dudes in little ghost costumes. For whatever reason Saturday was the day the local KKK decided to get the word out about their organization! …there also may have been a bake sale. None of those “black and white” cookies…just white ones. We’re also guessing a churro was hard to come by. [Read More]

St. Louis Youths, Stop Barking at People. You Look F*cking Retarded.

Its happened to us before and we’ve heard this more than a few times, so congratulations, its a pattern now St. Louis: We have retarded kids running around barking at people. Oh we’re sorry, are you not familiar? Let us share how this usually goes… Us: Hey! You made it. Them: Yeah, no problems…well we got barked at, but other than that. Us: What? Them: We were driving down the street and some guy barked at us while waiting at a stoplight. [Read More]

Unfunny Racial Joke Ruffles Feathers at Mizzou

The Globe Democrat is reporting on a “prank” that is giving everyone fits at Mizzou: University of Missouri Columbia students spoke out at a Town Hall meeting Monday night after an incident at the Black Culture Center early Friday morning where someone left cotton balls on the ground in front of the building. Oh I get it. Because all the black kids that go to Mizzou were slaves not long ago and picked cotton! [Read More]

Stock Photos of White Old People Are Racist Thinks Moron

I’m not here to be that guy that tells everyone that racism doesn’t exist any more. It totally does and seen plenty of it with my own eyes. This however, isn’t it: When Sonja McClendon searched for senior housing for her 87-year-old black father in St. Louis County, she spotted advertisements for housing centers that didn’t feature any black people. “That’s offensive,” she said. “It says that’s who lives here and maybe that’s the way we want to keep it. [Read More]