Guy Confesses to Molestation During a Job Interview with Police, Goes to Jail

So here’s a thing that totally happened: A man was interviewing for a job with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and during the interview process he was asked if he had ever engaged in a sexual crime he could be convicted of. Which is one of those “Do I look stupid? Like I’m going to just say yes to that…to the freaking police!” Oh but he did. …and the funny thing about confessing to child molestation crimes is there aren’t any points for honesty. [Read More]

The Park Hills Subway Wasn’t the Most Friendly Place to Be Saturday

It may have looked like Halloween came really early in Park Hills, Missouri Saturday, but it wasn’t, just a bunch of racist dudes in little ghost costumes. For whatever reason Saturday was the day the local KKK decided to get the word out about their organization! …there also may have been a bake sale. None of those “black and white” cookies…just white ones. We’re also guessing a churro was hard to come by. [Read More]