Awesome St. Louis Destination Video

We found this video via The St. Louis Egotist yesterday, and had to do the re-post. It’s really a very well done video with great shots of City Garden, City Museum, Forest Park, and all the other good places around town.

Notice how steady they keep the camera despite all the dead bodies and homeless people they had to step over to shoot it.

St. Louis Youths, Stop Barking at People. You Look F*cking Retarded.

Its happened to us before and we’ve heard this more than a few times, so congratulations, its a pattern now St. Louis: We have retarded kids running around barking at people. Oh we’re sorry, are you not familiar? Let us share how this usually goes… Us: Hey! You made it. Them: Yeah, no problems…well we got barked at, but other than that. Us: What? Them: We were driving down the street and some guy barked at us while waiting at a stoplight. [Read More]

The New York Times Visits St. Louis for 36 Hours

Its not a lot of time, but that’s all it took New York Times reporter Dan Saltzstein to find 12 notable items for the world to visit if they happen through the gateway to the west you now just fly over since very few planes actually land here anymore. St. Louis is more than just a Gateway to the West. The famous arch, of course, is still there, along with plenty of 19th-century architecture and an eye-opening amount of green space. [Read More]

Visit St. Louis! It’s Difficulty is ‘Easy’ and It’s Only 6 Steps!

Apparently visiting our fair city is foreign enough to people that someone had to write an article on eHow describing the steps to take. Here is a sampling: Difficulty: Easy St. Louis is known as the gateway to the west and it was the first major settlement west of the Mississippi. St. Louis is home to three major league sports teams: MLB-Cardinals, NFL-Rams and NHL-Blues. St. Louis was home to the 1904 World’s Fair and is also home to many other attractions, and tourist attractions. [Read More]

Lambert Add Window on St. Louis, Quickly Shuts Shades

According to USAToday, a new interactive art exhibit is being installed in to Lambert Airport. The feature is called Windows on St. Louis. It’s a glass-walled gallery where six cultural attractions have filled the windows with art and memorabilia. Touch-screen computer technology allows people to take a digital tour of the Gateway Arch grounds. Other sections highlight celebrated museums, neighborhoods and a cathedral. You wanna know something thats going to shock you? [Read More]