Lambert Add Window on St. Louis, Quickly Shuts Shades

stlouisticketingAccording to USAToday, a new interactive art exhibit is being installed in to Lambert Airport.

The feature is called Windows on St. Louis. It’s a glass-walled gallery where six cultural attractions have filled the windows with art and memorabilia.

Touch-screen computer technology allows people to take a digital tour of the Gateway Arch grounds. Other sections highlight celebrated museums, neighborhoods and a cathedral.

You wanna know something thats going to shock you?  We are 100% behind this idea.  Now we haven’t yet seen one of the displays, but we are assuming the displays are nice, work well, and show the good parts of St. Louis, which in case you were wondering is anything not too far north, east, super west or south…basically we are talking about a 1 mile tall strip that runs from Busch Stadium to Skinker and then the Loop.

Here’s the problem with it though.  The “art exhibit” runs through December, because apparently after December St. Louis isn’t work promoting?!  Why would you make “art” that promotes St. Louis to travelers and then take it down after a few months?  Why does this kind of crap always go on in St. Louis, something cool happens and then we yank it?!  Can’t we have anything good for longer than a few months?!?!?

Oh wait, did the art just come with Matt Holliday?